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Universal Mobile Diagnostics


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 We are pleased to offer a complete Urodynamic Diagnostic Testing service  in UROLOGY, GYNECOLOGY, OB/GYN, INTERNAL MEDICINE, and PRIMARY CARE offices.
       We are based on licensed and experienced  medical  professionals 
       in  urinary bladder dysfunction.  
   Our company provides:

·         The latest equipment.

·         Supplies necessary to perform this service.

·         Family Nurse Practitioner and  technician.

·          Same day study interpretation.


All services are provided for your patients, at your facility. We provide the 

equipment supplies and  healthcare professionals. Your practice bills the patient

and the patient’s insurance.


Universal Mobile Diagnostics provides service in Tri-State area. We pre-schedule testing in your office based on your needs.                                                                    

    ·      Rental

      ·       Clinical Support

      ·      Technical Assistants

      ·      Complete Urodynamics testing in your office


 Urodynamics is diagnostic test for both urinary dysfunction and urinary incontinence in men and women.  Urodynamic testing can help determine the best clinical solution for the patient. Further, this exam can save  you long term expense while driving significant passive income to your practice. Urodynamic testing can be very beneficial in determining the exact cause of your patients' incontinence symptoms. Proper urodynamic study reports will enable you to properly diagnose and move toward treatment that will have dramatic impacts on your patients' health.
 To better understand the clinical, revenue and convenience factors associated with this service, please contact us.

        Urodynamic Testing Company
                                 UNIVERSAL MOBILE DIAGNOSTICS LLC.

                                                                                                              UNIVERSAL MOBILE DIAGNOSTICS LLC.
           Phone:   (845) 642-1212(845) 642-1212
                        (845) 642-1213(845) 642-1213  
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